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Electric Pounce Machine

Posted on Sun, 9 Apr 2006 at 0:44

I am seeking anyone who may know where to locate and buy a used electric pounce machine.

Location of Opportunity or Item


Anonymous says: Steve, I have two of them. Elecro-pounce, blue machines. 125.00 plus shipping posted on: Thu, 04/13/2006 - 4:20pm
staceeyrock says: do you still have the electro pounce,,,, even though this was 10 years ago lol posted on: Mon, 12/19/2016 - 10:59am
Anonymous says: Thanks for the reply...Can you email me your phone number so that we can discuss shipping, etc. Thanks Steve posted on: Fri, 04/14/2006 - 12:09am

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