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Sign Shop drawings & impressive presentations ~ Freelance

Posted on Wed, 1 Apr 2015 at 16:41

I'm looking to fill in one more customer slot.

I'm an experienced sign designer with over 20 years in creating impressive sign design and detailed shop drawings for presentation, permitting & production files.

Are you looking to expand your resources and freshen up your designs?

Look no further, let's discuss how I can help you impress your clients with stunning & functional sign designs & a fresh, new approach.

Conceptual sign design, logo & brand creation, branding books, detailed presentations, vector art, permit-ready drawings & plans

Very reasonable rates and available 24/7

Just email me your needs and I will take care of the rest and prove the benefits of having a freelance remote designer at your fingertips for a lower cost than you're currently paying to keep a 40 hr employee on the payroll

Portfolio examples available upon request

Please email requests to:

Location of Opportunity or Item


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