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Zeta White Review

Posted on Fri, 7 Jul 2017 at 3:58

Zeta White

The problem with all the other acne remedies that contained benzoil peroxide was that they tended to dry the skin out as a side effect of this harsh acne fighting chemical creating avenues for new bacterial skin invasions.What separates Proactiv Solution from the other acne remedies of the past is that it not only attacks the bacterial cause of the acne, but it also treats and restores the skin.

It is then able to protect itself from future bacterial attacks and also so it looks fresh and healthy, which is really the end goal that acne sufferers are after.It's a three stage treatment that is designed to be a daily regimen, Zeta White Review because the truth is that acne sufferers have to have something that they can do on a daily basis to beat back and win the war on acne.

Step one is a cleaning scrub that also contains benzoil peroxide. It cleans the skin, removes dead skin cells and forces the benzoil peroxide deep in to the skins pores where it can effectively attack and kill acne causing bacteria.Step two is a treatment with revitalizing toner that has one job and that is to reinfuse the skin with moisture and counter the drying effect of the benzoil peroxide in the facial scrub.

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