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Lotto Destroyer system

Posted on Thu, 6 Jul 2017 at 6:12

Lotto Destroyer system

That's where some basic Internet Marketing concepts come into play. Some people call it Search Engine Optimization, but that can have some cryptic technical connotations for those of us that don't wear propeller hats (having a Physics degree, I used to wear one). I prefer to look at Internet Marketing in a more common sense fashion.

In the context of building a visible Internet presence, Internet Marketing is quite simply - using the Internet to market - you - or more specifically associating Internet content to your name in the eyes of a search engine.You can have all of the content in the world floating around the Internet, but if no one can find it when they perform relevant key word searches in Google (or any search engine) none of that content is helping you create a visible (there's that concept again) Internet presence.

You can waste a lot of time creating content nobody will ever see if you don't keep some basic Internet Marketing concepts in mind along the way.Internet Marketing 101 - When it comes to building and establishing a visible Internet presence, it all starts with one fundamental concept: Your name - is - the key word phrase you are focusing on.

Location of Opportunity or Item

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