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Sign Company For Sale, Owner Can Stay On

Posted on Thu, 15 Dec 2016 at 17:53

I am selling my sign company in Virginia. Reason being is I don't have the funding to expand and grow the business. I am starting a build your own sign online company to run as a separate entity but under the same company, I have many national contracts to be sub-contractors for large firms, don't have the funding for a 60'+ bucket truck, we have a 42' one, but it's not enough for some larger clients, we don't have $50,000 + cash flow for state and government jobs, etc.

So we are losing out on lots of jobs due to cash flow, restricted vehicle height, manpower, etc. Currently we have 4 employees and are doing $250,000 in sales. I have 9 years of sign experience as an owner and am willing to stay on and run it as a general manager for a set salary. We have many loyal customers who give us repeat business, we've done over $20,000 jobs, even removal and installation of 3 giant pylon signs using a crane.

Our license is Class B, can do anything up to and including billboards.

Selling for $225,000 which includes everything all company vehicles, equipment, inventory, etc.

I can promise $1,000,000 in sales within 3 years if I ran it as a manager and had the staff, second bucket truck and equipment we need to keep up with supply and demand.

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