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(January 2017) posted on Tue Jan 10, 2017

Staging a spectacular for the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

By Louis M. Brill

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The process of fabricating and populating each channel letter with its LEDs was identical to the assembly of the other two arena roof-edge signs. Because of the distance of the sign’s location from the roof edge to the center of the roof, there was no crane immediately available with a long enough boom to lift the letters from the ground to the roof center. In a brute-force effort, the rooftop channel letters were lifted by crane to the rooftop edge then hand carried from the roof edge to the installation spot where they were positioned and bolted in place at the center of the rooftop. To make the letters easier to view, they were encircled by a perimeter of Philips ArchiPoint iColor translucent dome lights that create an accented magenta halo around the rooftop sign at night.

To expand the T-Mobile Arena’s promotional presence, YESCO planned to erect a roadside pylon behind the arena facing oncoming I-15 traffic. Once they’d demolished an existing pylon, YESCO began construction of the T-Mobile Arena pylon: a set of vertical poles supporting a double-faced, full-color LED display with a 25mm pitch (at 30 ft. tall x 60 ft. wide). Mounted over the video screen was a 77-ft., double-faced cabinet sign with backlit pan channel letters the same color as the roof-edge letters.

Accompanying its LED video display, four stacked, warm-white LED-backlit sign cabinets covered with changeable printed Panaflex faces were installed opposite the video display. Overall, the T-Mobile pylon stands 104 ft. above grade.

To further the branding, the front entrance is covered with a Daktronics LED display, which appears opaque to external viewers, but transparent to guests standing behind it on the arena’s mezzanine level. This effect was developed to complement the arena architecture, explained Daktronics sales manager Jim Vasgaard: “The T-Mobile Arena’s front façade was designed with a big, beautiful glass wall that lets a lot of natural light into the front arena lobby, making it a more inviting gathering space.

The video screen, as called for in the T-Mobile specification, had to cover the arena’s front façade’s glass wall with a full-color, solid-looking image and still be transparent enough to allow the daylight to pass through the LED screen and illuminate the interior lobby space. With the LED screen in play, its content is divided among upcoming arena event promotions, sponsorship promotions and limited third-party advertising.

“To create the transparent effect of the LED video screen, Daktronics used a linear, free-form, ProPixel LED stick (PSX-5700) with a 50mm pixel pitch,” Vasgaard said. “In completion, the final LED display offers a 9,000-sq.-ft. LED video screen (43 ft. high x 209 ft. long) with a 50% transparency factor. Because the front lobby window area took on a trapezoid shape to properly fit the LED screen against the arena’s glass façade, the LED ProPixel sticks were attached in front of the arena’s lobby windows with aircraft cables that were stretched across the window area and carefully tensioned, pulling the cables and their attached LED sticks taut to properly fit the arena’s curved window shape.”

Then, there was also the challenge of keeping the arena’s windows clean amidst blowing desert dust. Because the “cable screen” was situated in front of the arena windows, its cabling was designed to be flexible enough to allow the LED screen to be moved away from the lobby glass so window cleaners had enough room to do their job.

With its booming event schedule, fans have a lot to look forward to at T-Mobile Arena. Toshiba Plaza, a 2-acre public gathering space adjoining the arena, is perfect for hanging out before events. Meanwhile, the 200-ft.-long video mesh screen facing Toshiba Plaza keeps visitors informed of upcoming events and sponsorship promotions. And visitors can stay connected while they’re inside the arena thanks to state-of-the-art Wi-Fi. Post-event, fans agreed that a good time was had by all – and that is a sign worth bragging about.



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