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(January 2017) posted on Tue Jan 10, 2017

Staging a spectacular for the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

By Louis M. Brill

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Standing out amidst the glitter and growth of the Las Vegas skyline is a tough job. But the recently completed T-Mobile Arena has risen to the challenge. The elegant, copper-laden, elliptical-shaped structure graces the south end of Las Vegas, jutting out between the New York-New York hotel and casino and the Monte Carlo resort.

And with seating for 20,000, the multipurpose, state-of-the-art live performance space has become a big player in the city’s entertainment scene with more than 100 events on its schedule, including boxing matches, hockey games, and the upcoming University of Nevada, Las Vegas/Duke college basketball matchup and the Professional Bull Riders World Finals tournament. Plus, it’s already played host to performances by the Harlem Globetrotters, The Killers, Garth Brooks, Dixie Chicks, Janet Jackson and The Rolling Stones.

The T-Mobile Arena is a joint venture between MGM Resorts International and Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) and was designed by Populous (Kansas City, MO), a global architectural design firm. With its copper cladding, the venue’s façade wraps the arena’s elliptical form with undulating bands of metal that evoke the desert mountains behind it. And its front-of-building video screen and public plaza are a natural fit with Las Vegas’ emerging, futuristic cityscape.

To ensure its elegant presence is clearly marked, the arena’s exterior roof signage can be seen from street level or when flying over it. The arena features several monumental closed-face channel letters that were all designed, fabricated, assembled and installed by YESCO’s Las Vegas division over a period of four months. A double-faced pylon was also included within that exterior sign package. Further digital signage was also deployed throughout the arena space. Finally, perched above the arena’s main entrance is a 200-ft.-long Daktronics full-color LED display with a see-through video screen promoting its current events.

A host of channel letters grace the exterior, including two roof-edge arena identification signs, and an installation on the center of the rooftop. “The arena’s channel letter sign fabrication began at the Las Vegas YESCO sign shop where the letters were cut and shaped from aluminum sheet metal into their final forms,” explained YESCO project manager Richard Kirsch. The final assembly, 100 ft. in length, comprises 10-ft.-high uppercase capitals (T, M and ARENA), 7-ft.-tall lowercase letters and internal backlighting via OSRAM Sylvania BoxLED Plus (at 6500k), which was inserted within each letter before it left the signshop.



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posted on: Mon, 01/16/2017 - 9:02pm

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