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Neon: (Not Yet) the Lost Art

(September 2010) posted on Tue Sep 07, 2010

"Old guy" tips and tricks live on!

By Marcus Thielen

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Times are changing fast, and ST always keeps up with trends. For illuminating channel letters, in most cases, neon remains the most economical choice regarding durability (useable lifetime) in outdoor conditions, initial price and energy efficiency. Even if some colors contain a small amount of mercury, neon is a “green” light source, because small amounts of energy, water and (renewable) natural resources are expended in its manufacture, compared to LEDs.
Correctly manufactured neon always has been a special art/craft. The “old guys” had their tips and tricks (today they’re called “knowledge” or “technology”), which are mostly lost now. But, I‘ll try to unveil a few tips to conserve the lore and pass it on to “the new kids on the neon block.”


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