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Media1's Dale Salamacha Finishes the Story of the Truly Nolen Sign

(August 2016) posted on Tue Jul 26, 2016

Termites, beware -- this sign means business

By Dale Salamacha

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Dale’s June column provided backstory about how Truly Nolen, a prominent pest-control company, grew – and how its dedication to unconventional branding influenced Truly Nolen to hire Media1 (M1) to transform an expanded-polystyrene globe into a supersized depiction of Planet Earth.


Returning to our discussion about the globe’s fabrication, the globe’s 12-ft.-diameter, 24-ft.-deep outer ring features 100% aluminum construction that’s fabricated in two, 6 x 12-ft., arched sections that were eventually bolted together to form one giant ring. The text on both sides of the ring was CNC router- cut and backed with white and yellow translucent acrylic.
Because the frame is 2 ft. deep, we opted to light this section with double-sided Sylvania Box LEDs, which we obtained from N. Glantz & Sons. Using Sylvania’s installation-grid system, M1 quickly snapped modules into the track in the ring’s center. It dispersed even light to both sides of the copy. Once the paint department had finished decorating the globe, fabricator Steve Pass used our tree stand to bolt each side of the ring encircling the globe into place.


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