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European Wrap Star!

(December 2009) posted on Mon Dec 14, 2009

Europe’s car wrappers will also compete at Viscom Frankfurt 2010. Also, ISA Sign Expo 2010 will host the American Wrap Star.

By Susan Conner

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The first European Wrap Star trophy and award went to Marco Dittl of M.Disign (Chimnitz, Germany), at the International Trade Fair for Visual Communication in Dusseldorf in October. Dittl also received a Mimaki CJV 60-130 printer and software, worth 22,800 euros. The competition premier proved so successful that it will be repeated at Viscom Frankfurt, October 28-30, 2010.
Also, the International Sign Assn. will host the American Wrap Star during the Orlando Sign Expo show, from April 8-10, 2010.
Viscom Director Petra Lassahn said, “In presenting the European Wrap Star, we also want to build bridges to other Viscom core segments, whether it’s large-format printing, production, finishing or wrapping.” Andreas Ley, managing director of SEW GmbH Design & Akademie and co-organizer of the European Wrap Star at Viscom, said, “At the Frankfurt fair in 2010 we also want to showcase the entire workflow, from computer to printer to the car surface.”
The 2010 competition has received participation requests from Sweden, the Czech Republic, Austria and Spain, reported Dirk Mobes, proprietor of Digital Designware proprietor and European Wrap Star co-organizer.
For three days, 48 European car wrappers wrapped four identical Hummer H2 SUVs with an Ed Hardy design.  Five rounds took place each of the three days. The runnerup, Jürgen Eidt, of Verklebeservice Eidt (Baden Wurttemberg, Lichtenstein), took home a Royal Sovereign Laminator. Mingo Richter, of (Schardenberg, Austria), who tied for third place, won a Summa S-Class 140T, a camera and software. Dagny Brunne, of Brunne (Bremen, Germany), who also tied for third place, received a Rollsroller flatbed-applicator. Runner-up Jürgen Eidt allowed the two, third-place winners to choose one of the four big prizes before accepting the remaining prize. Sponsors included 3M, Hexis, Digital Designware, Mimaki, Mutoh, Summa, Rollsroller, Royal Sovereign, LG, Eurosystems, CADlink, Corel, f+Z and Yellotools. The event was organized by Digital Designware’s Dirk Moebes and Managing Director Andreas Ley of SEW GmbH Design & Akademie.


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