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Details, Details

(July 2017) posted on Fri Jun 30, 2017

Wrap more than just the exterior of conventional vehicles.

By Mark Kissling

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So, your shop wraps cars, vans, trucks, trailers and buses – just about every kind of vehicle on the road. But have you ever wrapped anything on the inside of a vehicle? Wrapping interior elements, usually for high-end cars, adds differentiation, value and revenue to your shop offerings. It also adds the dramatic finishing touch.

Earlier this year, a client brought his BMW M4 GTS to Incognito Wraps (Las Vegas) as an encore for their previous job on his Porshe. “Once we started talking about what we could do, the project snowballed to the point where we ended up doing quite a few carbon fiber accents throughout the outside of the vehicle and also wrapping the interior as well,” said co-owner Chris Kmit. Incognito’s team took the client’s concepts – “Whenever we start a project, every-one’s voice is heard,” Chris said – then, he used Illustrator and Photoshop to build a rendering. “[The client’s] initial thought was to bring out more of the acid orange that was on the front splitter and roll cage,” Chris said. “Luckily for us, 3M’s 1080 Gloss Liquid Copper is an exact match.” Incognito also selected Hexis Matte Raven Black Carbon for some of the exterior accents.

None of the vinyl was printed, but Incognito still laminated the badges wrapped into the seats. “We covered the Liquid Copper cut graphics so that the tiny points wouldn’t catch on clothing,” Chris said. Fernando Alvarez handled the big job of the little interior details. “If you notice, the dials on the stereo are wrapped,” Chris said. “That circle is about ½ in. in diameter and we just covered the rim.” The Incognito team also completely took apart and reassembled the iDrive controller in order to wrap all its details. Chris stressed the vital importance of assembly skills in getting everything just right.


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