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"Can you make this for me?"

(April 2017) posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017

Not every signshop project has to be a sign.

By Dale Salamacha

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I don’t know if this is the case with your signshop, but here at M1, we constantly have clients asking us to fabricate projects that would not be considered “signs.” A lot of times, the requests are so far away from signs that we hesitate to do them, but after consulting my partners and fabrication team, we ultimately say something like, “Well, it’s not a sign, but we know how to build it!” Typically, this works out great, but sometimes it also means delving into an area in which we have virtually zero experience.

These scenarios are risky; unusual projects can very easily run away from you in costs, time and overall quality of the finished product, leaving you kicking yourself for agreeing to do it in the first place!

This story is about one of those projects that technically wouldn’t be considered a sign, although sign elements were incorporated, but we decided to give it a roll – and wound up with an amazing finished product.

Rollins College boasts a sprawling 80-acre campus located in Winter Park, FL. Rollins College was established way back in 1885 and, as such, is the oldest recognized college in the state. Winter Park is generally considered a very well-to-do area of Orlando. (When you say “Winter Park,” it’s obligatory to raise your pinky finger in the air as if sipping tea, and to use your very best obscenely rich voice.) Rollins’ tuition, including room, board and books, tips the scales at an average of $62,220 per year. That’s nearly $250,000 for a four-year degree!

We’ve done sign projects for this client over the years, so when they told us they wanted to remodel their student workout facility, we were eager to meet with them. The gym was old, worn out and in desperate need of a modern update. All-new rubber-mat flooring, new paint and some new equipment, including flat- screen TVs, were to be installed. Rollins needed a solution for four large columns located in the middle of the gym floor, as well as four wall sections jutting into the room. The columns were beautiful, solid (and expensive) stone that was not to be drilled into or damaged in any way. They were also outdated and stood in the way of the remodel.


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