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Building Lobbies and the Digital Domain

(October 2016) posted on Mon Nov 14, 2016

San Francisco turns skyscraper lobbies into art galleries with massive video wall constructions.

By Louis M. Brill

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Within the downtown San Francisco landscape are two exceptional buildings, each with a unique LED video wall in its lobby. The first is a new class-A, 30-story skyscraper known as 350 Mission for its location on Mission Street. Although the building adds another decorative edifice to the San Francisco skyline, its most prominent feature is a street-level lobby that features a restaurant and café along with a gigantic LED video screen dedicated to presenting digital art. The other neighboring building is a 40-story skyscraper owned by Salesforce, a San Francisco-based company involved in cloud-based customer relations management – and the building’s majority tenant.
350 Mission Street’s lobby show-cases a 50-foot-high ceiling and glass façade to create a visually inviting, open space for tenants and passersby to view and experience its street-facing video wall. The building was developed by Kilroy Realty Corp. (Los Angeles), who sought out the video display as an important part of the building’s presence at street level. Nicole Stromsness, Kilroy’s construction project manager noted that “having the video wall in the lobby adds value to the building, making it a unique public destination in its own right.” The building’s video display is also visible to foot and vehicle traffic. On sunny days, the viewing experience is expanded by the lobby’s glass façade folding back to present an unobstructed view of the display screen. Kilroy Realty likens the building’s lobby space to “an urban living room that blurs the boundaries between the public and private realms.”


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