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2017 Vehicle Graphics Contest

(April 2017) posted on Mon Apr 24, 2017

Entry form and guidelines

By Mark Kissling

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Signs of the Times is excited to announce our 11th Annual Vehicle Graphics Contest! We welcome the opportunity to help show off the vast range of talent in the industry, as well as the expanding possibilities for wrapping vehicles of all types: exotics, hot rods and classic cars; vans, trucks and trailers -- even planes, trains and boats! Here's your opportunity to see how the best designs and installations from your shop match up against the competition.


  • Service Vehicles (vehicles decorated for a customer's direct use for business operations)
  • Signshop Vehicles (vehicles decorated for a signshop's own use)
  • Transit Graphics (graphics that identify buses, subways, monorails, trains, etc.)
  • Promotional Vehicles (vehicle graphics whose primary function is the promotion of a product or service)
  • Watercraft Graphics (graphics for boats, jet skis and other marine vehicles)
  • Food Trucks (mobile-foodservice vehicles)
  • Specialty Wraps (non-printed wraps, metallic-film wraps, textured-finish, color-shift or carbon-fiber wraps, etc.)

Entry Fee
The entry fee is $10 per entry, up to $75 for 8-15 entries. If submitting multiple entries, please select the appropriate number from the drop-down menu on the payment interface. You won't have to repeat the payment process, which will save you time, and it reduces the administrative fee PayPal charges us.


  1. A project may only be submitted for one category.
  2. All entries must be received in ST’s office by 4 p.m. Eastern time on July 14, 2017.
  3. Graphics must have been applied or installed within two years of submission date.
  4. Digital files (JPEGs and TIFFs are preferred) are required for submissions.
  5. List all designers, fabricators and installers who contributed to the submitted graphics on the entry form. Names, phone numbers, websites and sale prices will be published (prices are appreciated but not required).
  6. Send at least two, color, 300-dpi images that are 4 x 5 in. or larger (8 x 10 in. preferred). Please include images that feature the entire graphic, as well as close-up shots that emphasize detail. For best results, hire a professional photographer to shoot your work. Such materials as blueprints, laser prints, fabrication photos, etc., won’t be used or returned.
  7. A description of the signage must be included on or with the entry form. Specify brand names for software, hardware, media, and equipment used to design, fabricate and install the graphics.

Note: Contest entrants agree to allow all submitted images and text to be published by Signs of the Times, and other outlets owned by ST Media Group International Inc.


  • Designers and fabricators from diverse backgrounds will judge the competition. Their final decisions will be based on the following criteria:
  • Production (use of quality materials and methods)
  • Complexity (challenges faced in designing, fabricating and installing the graphics)
  • Artistic merit (aesthetic appeal of design and layout)

We're pleased to offer an interactive entry form that will allow you to provide project information, upload photos and pay the contest entry fee in a single process. If you have any questions about the contest, please contact Contest Coordinator Mark Kissling at or (513) 263-9399. For technical inquiries about this form, please contact Kari Freudenberger at or (513) 263-9374.

Click here to enter the contest.



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